Tiny Water For Nice Fish

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Juicy little headwaters like this often hold fish.

As summer heat finally burns off most of the remaining snow pack water temps begin to climb as flows drop. Often times mature fish follow the cooler water temps uphill. For a change of scenery and tempo, grab your micro rod setup & a handful of stimulator patterns and head upstream. Way upstream!

Slippy, slappy, small water wild rainbows are a blast.

3 Comments on “Tiny Water For Nice Fish”

    1. Hi Jena,
      In general small 2-4wt rods around 8ft are lots of fun for small creeks. If you are in the area, we have options from Scott, Winston, Sage and more here at the shop and offer demo’s for many models so you can try them out.

  1. Thanks- I appreciate the input! I live in Portland, OR but visited Ketchum and your shop this past January. I’d love to come out this summer and try out some of the rods.

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