by Carl Evenson

With plenty of snow shining in the peaks, the freestone sections of the Big Wood, Big Lost, and Salmon Rivers are forecast to be higher than average, especially during May and June. It is too early to predict fishing flow levels beyond June because the May and June weather influences flows so much. This spring, we have had much warmer

by Terry Ring

We have become accustomed to dry years here; this year, however, has been far from dry. Since early December, snow painted the peaks and the valley floor bright white leaving us with a record snowpack in the Big Wood, Big Lost, and Salmon River basins. Even the Silver Creek valley was covered with snow from December

by Bret Bishop

“Wherever we go in the world we find other men speaking the same language, planning the same plans, dreaming the same dreams. And one of the big four―brownie or brookie, cutthroat or rainbow―is the cause of it all.”
-Roderick Haig-Brown

For some, the best way

Tucked away in downtown Boise is an unassuming corridor where a rotation of work from the greatest fishing artist in the country hangs. It’s called the Fulton Street Showroom and folks who stroll down this hall have a chance to enjoy “Trout Art” at it’s absolute finest. Ed Anderson, a prominent Boise artist himself curates this revolving collection. His bold, gestural work has found it’s way onto the covers of Gray’s Sporting Journal several times. But this is a space he’s created for the work of others in the close

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of working with many fly fishing artists who’ve used my photography to paint or draw from. Each time one of these artists approaches me about working from a particular image, I imagine what their creation will look like compared to the actual photograph. Each artist has their own style and method. Each completion has it’s own feel as it becomes it’s own work of art. Some are abstract, some are heavily influenced by the media. And some, like that of colored pencil artist Travis Sylvester are so realistic that comparing the