Line Management

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There are lots of things about line management that come into play in fly fishing. One area that can be a real pain for some people is loosing the line during a hook set. The scenario goes like this… a fish eats your fly, you lift the rod with one hand to set the hook and pull the line with the other to get tension on the fish. Then the next thing you know your arms are spread eagle with the rod high in air and no way to reach up for another strip of line without giving up a bunch of line to the fish. It’s a precarious situation to be in, especially when the fish swims in your direction adding even more slack to the equation and the odds of a tossed hook become likely. We’ve all seen or maybe even found ourselves in that situation, when eventually a person is even trying to bite at the line with their mouth just to get enough time to reach up for another strip.

So here is the trick. As your rod hand lifts for the hook set and your line hand pulls downward, immediately sweep your rod  hand over towards the line, close enough for your stripping finger to regain a pinch on the line. This can often be done during the actual motion of the set, while both hands are actually moving away from each other. Then once that line is pinched under the stripping finger and safe, additional strips can keep coming as needed to keep proper tension on the fish.It’s a definite practice-makes-habit kind of move, so keep that in mind and maybe even practice on false hook sets.

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