Meet Our Guides



Our guide staff is diverse in both background and talents. We have teachers, students, musicians, photographers and more. Collectively our guides all share a love for fly fishing and the outdoors that is unparalleled. Among our guides we have 28 Certified Casting Instructors and 4 Master Casting Instructors accredited by Fly Fisher’s International. In addition to an outstanding knowledge of casting fundamentals our guides know how to catch fish in our local waters. It is the goal of every Silver Creek Outfitters’ guide to help our guests learn to catch fish on their own. Book a guide today and have a great day on the water!

Certified Master Casting Instructors
A rare title amongst fly-fisherman around the world, these guides have demonstrated mastery in their skills and teaching abilities.
Certified Casting Instructors
After a rigorous test including more than 17 required casts, these certified guides can not only demonstrate their ability with a fly rod, but they can explain to their students how to make the cast correctly.