Fly Fishing Forecast 7/5 – 7/12

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All good anglers seem to have a common trait; they are relentless seekers. And it is this tireless exploration that makes some fly fisherman among the most optimistic, patient, and intellectually curious of our kind. The exploration often begins with a question: What time will the hatch be today? Why did I spook that fish? What is the right fly to fool the finicky trout of Silver Creek? How do I attain a better presentation? Where will I fish today even though the water is high? This I believe: fly fishing done well, like life, is constant exploration. The hatch … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 6/7 – 6/14

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“Drake is a term of European origin generally applied to a mayfly larger than size 14, and they are considered royalty by fly fishers wherever they exist.” – Rene Harrop The Brown Drakes have made their appearance on the Creek and have been stronger than we have seen in years. This is a short lived hatch, but there are still going to be a few good nights before the next cold front hits later this week. The key to this hatch is being in the right spot at the right time. Remember, this hatch starts in the lower reaches of … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 5/17-5/24

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“I am haunted by waters.” – Norman Maclean The first wave of true spring run off occurred during the first week of May causing the Big Wood to peak at nearly 7,000 CFS. Currently, the Wood is down to 2,600 CFS and dropping as the weather has turned cool again providing a temporary respite from the flooding. But warmer temperatures are expected to return by the end of the week. As of the 16th of May, the snowpack in the Big Wood drainage remains at 197% of average with more snow forecasted. We are certain the water will rise again, … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 5/3 – 5/17

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“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” – Yogi Bera One thing we do know…there is a lot of snow in the mountains. As of May 2nd, the Big Wood drainage is 217% of normal. April showers in the valley kept depositing snow in the peaks. How long the run off will last is hard to predict, but we can expect high flows on our freestones rivers to last well into July. How high the rivers will go is also hard to predict. The average daytime highs are forecast to reach into the 60s over the next few … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 4/19 – 5/3

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“No fisherman ever fishes as much as he wants…this is the first great rule of fishing, and it explains a world of otherwise inexplicable behavior.” – Geoffrey Norman Don’t let the seasonal closures and excessive high water keep you from fishing as much as you want. While there is no water for a local angler to casually fish for an hour or two after work and then make it home for dinner, a committed angler can still find fantastic fishing by heading out of town. The Big Lost and the Salmon are still fishing well and are certainly worth the … Read More