Fly Fishing Forecast 7/26-8/2

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“Fishing seems awfully insignificant at times, but for those of us who love it, fishing provides opportunities— opportunities to learn, to laugh, and to live…” – Ted Baechtold This week we have a great opportunity: On July 29th, the parking lot in the rear of the store will be transformed into a summer gathering and product fair featuring some of our favorite vendors. This is a great chance to meet and mingle with product reps and check out the newest gear from the top brands in fly fishing. So grab your friends and family and come learn a little and … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 7/19 – 7/26

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“I have had my share of hairy moments, always from the same mistake—misjudging the strength of the current.” – A.J. McClane As the rivers in our region continue to drop, the water is looking more and more fishy. But don’t be fooled; it is still very high and a misstep wading can be dangerous. Here are a few reminders that will help you avoid some hairy moments: First, always wear a wading belt even if you plan to only wade along the edges. Second, add a few more cleats to the soles of your wading boots for increased traction. Third, … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 7/12 – 7/19

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“There is nothing like the thrill of expectation over the first cast over unfamiliar waters. Fishing is like gambling, in that failure only excites hope of a fortunate throw next time.” – Charles Dudley Warner From moment to moment, rivers are in a constant state of change. Some change is subtle like a slight drop in flow or a rise in temperature. Some change is more dramatic. This year the Wood, along with many of our freestone rivers, has experienced a complete transformation due to extremely high runoff. If you head to the river expecting to find the same familiar … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 7/5 – 7/12

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All good anglers seem to have a common trait; they are relentless seekers. And it is this tireless exploration that makes some fly fisherman among the most optimistic, patient, and intellectually curious of our kind. The exploration often begins with a question: What time will the hatch be today? Why did I spook that fish? What is the right fly to fool the finicky trout of Silver Creek? How do I attain a better presentation? Where will I fish today even though the water is high? This I believe: fly fishing done well, like life, is constant exploration. The hatch … Read More