Fly Fishing Forecast 6/28 – 7/5

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“Fishing consists of a series of misadventures interspersed by occasional moments of glory.” – Howard Marshall What constitutes a “moment of glory” while angling? If an angler pursues his or her quarry with the monomania of Ahab, then the moment of glory only comes occasionally, if at all. But if we focus on the misadventures and the lessons learned from each, the glory is not relegated to moments, but to the quest itself. This is the glory of the pursuit. As we head into summer, where will your angling misadventures take you? SILVER CREEK The warm and consistent weather has … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 6/21 – 6/28

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“The stream before you is constantly changing. If you are not flexible or confident enough to adapt to changing conditions on the stream, you are sure to fail.” – Joe Humphreys During a series of lean water years, we become accustomed to a level of consistency on our freestone streams; hatches predictably occur over clear, wadable water and certain buckets always hold eager fish. Fly fisherman are keen to identify patterns and establish paradigms. This year, however, Mother Nature is changing the narrative. At the moment, high water prevails making the freestone rivers in our area mostly unfishable. And when … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 6/14 – 6/21

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“As we try to estimate future streamflow scenarios, please remember that Mother Nature bats last and she can be a switch hitter.” – Idaho Water Supply Outlook Report June 1, 2017 It has been cold and the flows around the region have dropped, but the forecast calls for a warmer pattern to return. This will bring the flows back up again. When the rivers will begin to recede into summer flows depends on Mother Nature. The fact remains, there is still significant snowpack above 8,000 feet yet to melt. Despite the high water, the Creek continues to fish well and … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast 6/7 – 6/14

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“Drake is a term of European origin generally applied to a mayfly larger than size 14, and they are considered royalty by fly fishers wherever they exist.” – Rene Harrop The Brown Drakes have made their appearance on the Creek and have been stronger than we have seen in years. This is a short lived hatch, but there are still going to be a few good nights before the next cold front hits later this week. The key to this hatch is being in the right spot at the right time. Remember, this hatch starts in the lower reaches of … Read More