Fly Fishing Forecast March 31- April 13

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“When I’m fishing and hunting with the right attitude, I reenter the woods and river with a moment-by-moment sense of the glories of creation, of the natural world as a living fabric of existence, so that I’m both young again but also 70,000 years old.” —Jim Harrison from Field & Stream, 2003 Thank you Mr. Harrison for your inspirational life and words. You remind us of the importance of staying connected to the woods and the river. Even with the Big Wood and South Fork of the Boise closing the end of March until the end of May, our fishing … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast March 16-30

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“Our life is March weather, savage and serene in one hour.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson March is often personified by sentimental poets, and for good reason; like life, it is unpredictable. But one thing is certain. At March’s end, the Big Wood and South Fork will close for the season. So even if the weather turns savage, then serene, then savage again, dress for the conditions with lots of layers and get to the river for some of the best fishing of the year. SILVER CREEK The Creek is closed for the season. Opening day is May 28th. THE BIG … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast March 2nd – 16th

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“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” ~ Ernest Hemingway We are going to have plenty of water this summer! The average snowpack for the Wood River Basin right now is 106% of average and the forecast for March looks like more snow is on the way. Typically when we have this type of snow pack, the Wood runs high most of June and shapes up the first week of July…just in time for the Green Drakes! In the meanwhile, we are heading for a fantastic spring of skiing and fishing! … Read More