Fly Fishing Forecast June 24th – July 1st

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“For me, sport is actually a chance for us to have other human beings push us to excel.” ~ Mr. Keating from Dead Poet Society Fly Fishing Forecast June 24th to July 1st. Bosnia was very good to Fly Fishing Team USA! We came away with team silver and an individual bronze medal. Spain took the gold and the home country, Bosnia, the bronze out of the 28, five man teams from around the world. To put this in perspective, in the 30 years that Team USA has been attending World Championships, we have never had a team finish on … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast June17 to 24th‏

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“Fly fishing is as much an affair of gestures as tactics.” ~Christopher Camuto Fly Fishing Forecast June 17th to June 24th. Two anglers with the same gear, from the rod, the line, the tippet, right down to the fly, can have a completely different experience on the same water and the same day, even if they are fishing the same tactics. There is a subtlety to fly fishing that transcends tactics and luck. Whether that be a slight gesture of the hand to impart a movement to the fly or a barely perceptible hesitation that induces a sudden strike, fishing … Read More

Fly Fishing Forecast June 10th – June 17th

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“The best fisherman in the world can’t catch them if they aren’t there.”~Anthony Accerrano Fly Fishing Forecast June 10th to June 17th. The fish are there; the bugs are there too. The missing ingredient? You! Our freestone rivers are still high and off color, but Silver Creek is fishing very well. The Brown Drakes have run their course and now caddis are taking center stage in the evenings. During the day, and depending on the weather, you will see Callibaetis, Baetis, PMDs, and even a smattering of Tricos. Now is a great time to experience the glory of Silver Creek … Read More

Fishing Forecast June 3rd to June 10th‏

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“The image of giant mayflies backlit by a broad Western sunset is a sight that can never be forgotten. And when the audible rise of trout that may not be interested in surface feeding at any other time is added to the picture, you begin to understand the special summer event that Brown Drakes have come to represent.” ~ Rene Harrop Fly Fishing Forecast June 3rd to June 10th. The Brown Drakes have made their appearance for the year and are already on their way out. There is the possibility with the recent evening thunderstorms, that one more warm night … Read More