Fishing Forecast May 29th – June 5th

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With June on the horizon, we are heading into our typical weather roller coaster with some days reaching only the high 50s and others stretching into the 80s. Over night lows have been chilly of late, which is slowing the runoff and dropping the river flows on the freestone fisheries. With unpredictable weather comes unpredictable hatches; however, the warmer weather slated for later in the week does bode well for those on the Brown Drake watch down at the Creek. While the hordes of Memorial weekend campers have departed the Willows and Point of Rocks area, many anglers have set … Read More

Fishing Forecast May 22nd – 29th

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May 25th…the 2013 season opener is upon us! While Silver Creek will fish from day one, our local freestone rivers are in the midst of spring runoff. The weather gurus are calling for cooler temperatures over Memorial Weekend which will slow the runoff, but there is still a bit of high altitude snow yet to come down when warmer temperatures return and we should see the river levels spike again. Still, I expect we will see these streams really come into shape earlier this year. As early as mid June, Warm Springs should be very fishable and the Big Wood … Read More

Fishing Forecast May 15th – 22nd

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During drought years in the West, one often hears the common refrain: “Whiskey is for drinking, and water is for fighting.”  As we await the opening of fishing on many of our local waters on May 25th, all eyes are on the the dwindling snowpack and the impact this will have on river and reservoirs throughout the season by both fisherman and irrigators. The first casualty of our lower than average snowpack is the Little Camas Reservoir. Fish and Game has already declared a fish salvage in anticipation of a complete draw down by mid summer. To understand the impact … Read More

Fishing Forecast May 1st – 15th

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. In lieu of chocolate and flowers, or better yet, in addition to, you might consider booking a trip to take your favorite mother fly fishing this summer. We are looking forward to a great season, and nothing says, “I love you” better than time spent fly fishing…with a guide. A recent warming trend has brought the Wood up to its highest runoff flows of the season, yet the snow pack in the Wood River Basin is holding steady at 80%. As predicted, March and April precipitation were below normal and while there is still a … Read More