Brown Drake Hatch Has Started!

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[vimeo][/vimeo]The Brown Drake hatch has started. It has been coming off at all times of the day. The spinner fall usually happens in the evenings but came off at 9:00 am on Tuesday and lasted for 2 hours. It pays off to check the lower creek often and we should see the hatch for the next couple of days. I would have plenty of spinner patterns which are tied lighter and a little smaller. My favorite is Harrop’s Paraspinner and Hackled Spinner imitations. The fish have already become spooky and you must have multiple different patterns to throw at the … Read More

Drakes on Silver Creek

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Hey Brown Drakes… “If you can’t get here on time, just get here when you can ok?” Well our buddies have finally shown up in healthy numbers over the last several days, including a few rare day time emergences. With warm summer weather in the forecast we can expect the hatch to move fairly quickly so get your hall pass from the boss and come get in on the action! [vimeo][/vimeo]

Still Waiting for the Drakes…

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Still no sign of the Brown Drake, but they will hatch someday. The nymphs are around but I think we need a couple of days of warm weather to get them going. Once the hatch begins make sure you have both spinner patterns and duns for the fishing. On a hot sunny day the spinner fall will occur around 6:00 to 7:00pm and you will need to use a lighter tippet (5x) and patterns such as Harrop’s Hackled Spinner and Para Spinner in size 10. As the sun sets put on stronger tippets (3x or 4x) on bigger patterns like … Read More

Waiting for the Drakes

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Considering the current water situation, Silver Creek is the only sure bet at the moment. Although hatches have been inconsistent, typically the best dry-fly fishing has been late in the morning, although some afternoons have been good as well.  I have had my best success with PMD Sparkle Duns, Parachutes, and some emergers such as Harrop’s CDC PMD Emerger.  Baetis are also around, but I warn you—they are quite small—#22 at the biggest. Fortunately, however, in the next few weeks we should see a few Green Drakes on the Creek, a nice respite from those micro baetis.  Also, if bugs … Read More