The Essence of Sun Valley.

What our guides reported as of
June 11th 2014

Current Conditions:

Dry Fly Fishing - Poor
Nymphing - Okay
Current Hatch - N/A
Stream Flow - 177 cfs
Weather - Warm

Flies that are Working:


Best Sections:


Tips and Tactics:

Still a bit early for the basin to begin fishing well.





Copper Basin



Open Year Round

Species Available:

Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Mountain Whitefish & Snake River Fine-Spotted Cutthroat

The Copper Basin area is home to most of the Lost River tributaries and the beginning of the Lost River proper. This remote setting is graced with plenty of fish and miles upon miles of fishable water. Primarily a dry fly fishery, the Copper Basin area is home to our unique “Grand Slam” of fishing, as each year a few anglers are able to catch the entire gamut of fish in this area in a single day. Five species comprise the Copper Basin Slam, including Rainbow, Brook, two types of Cutthroat and the Mountain Whitefish. It is a true wilderness experience to travel into this area and anglers are rewarded with spectacular views, loads of wildlife and exceptional fishing opportunities.

Guiding options:

  • Full Day - $495 for 2 anglers
  • Copper Basin is an hour's plus drive from Ketchum.

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